Remember the Past but Keep Moving Forward


As many of you have probably noticed, the Center Ice Club web site has essentially been inactive since the end of June. Although the non-profit 501 (C) 3 still exists as a corporation it is in an inactive status. The last formal piece of business was to donate $80,000 to SCSU Hockey on June 30. That raised the cumulative total donated to SCSU Hockey by the Center Ice Club to roughly $380,000 – a commendable number considering this was done by an all-volunteer organization. But, times change and with the re-opening of the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center, the new NCHC conference and change of athletic administration new strategies were certainly necessary and needed. The emphasis on creating revenue to support the entire SCSU Athletic department was inevitable and required changes in fundraising and ultimately the status of the CIC. A casualty of the process was the CIC web site which was born in 2003 and was generating close to 100,000 hits per year at its peak. Surprisingly, it’s still had close to 1000 hits in the past month. I guess browsing habits are hard to break. So it is with some sentiment we say goodbye to an old friend as we put it to rest. Keep moving forward!

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